• john ruskin

    classical order,  uk & international, 2009 – present

    Following the hiatus in Spain, a new operation was established – Classical Order – to be owned by the sustainability foundation, Natural Order, to pursue a similar development philosophy in the UK as well as, ultimately, in other territories including, potentially, Spain.

    The organisation’s activities were focussed initially on three areas:  the acquisition , on behalf of Natural Order, of a building in Wiltshire for conversion to an Institute for Sustainability; the purchase of another listed building in Berkshire for residential conversion; and land assembly for a possible eco-town in the South East.  Although all three represented extraordinarily attractive propositions with, in retrospect, a severalfold multiple in value now established for just 25% of the land area for the third in less than two years, continuing uncertainties in the capital markets prohibited funding. 

    Nigel Tuersley