Establishment and chairmanship 1981-1986 of a group of companies headed by a charitable foundation concerned with promoting sustainability across the economic spectrum but particularly focused on urban renewal, rainforest conservation and agriculture

Majority owner (80%) and prime beneficiary of the profits from Gaiacorp, a currency investment group of which Nigel Tuersley was co-founder and Managing Director, 1989-1991.

havana foundation
A proposal for a new foundation to promote sustainability in Cuba to be funded through the Havana Renaissance programme.  A comprehensive multi sector study on environment and investment, signed with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in December 1996, was unfortunately shelved with the failure of negotiations on Havana Renaissance.

biosphere foundation
The proposed foundation for the Espana Clasica conservation and sustainability programmes and ultimate freeholder of the developments and associated parkland.

natural order
Founder of a new multi-company group headed by a foundation concerned with promoting sustainability through radical, systemic change. The structure of the group reflects both its three operating divisions in awareness-arising, policy/consultancy, and project development undertaken through a three-tiered foundation, subsidiaries and project SPVs. The initial projects include a multi-media campaign programme, and initiatives in carbon capture and sequestration.

Nigel Tuersley